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Stand Up Meeting

I have owned my own business since 2006 that is in the events industry,  With the pandemic we have pretty much lost about 90% of our business since there are no events.  I had to do something to generate income and came across this opportunity.  I work for Solar Energy Partners, they are a solar broker so we can sell several of the top solar companies like Tesla, Sunrun and Sunnova.  

I had solar installed in 2012 and absolutely love it.  The photo above is when solar was being installed on my house.  You most likely won't need the cherry picker for your install.  We needed it because we had so many panels and the pitch of our roof was so steep.  It was used for safety reasons.  

We have saved so much money is unreal.  I highly recommend everyone to go solar especially with the great incentives, no out of pocket costs.  Save money and save the planet.

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